Margo Martindale headshot

By Barbara Hoffman for New York Post

Don’t let her native Texas twang fool you: Margo Martindale’s been an Upper West Sider for more than 40 years. But you’ve also probably seen TV’s top character actress everywhere — on “Justified,” “The Americans,” “The Millers” and, as her animated self, on “BoJack Horseman.” Now starring in the film “The Hollars,” out Aug. 26, the 65-year-old tells BARBARA HOFFMAN how she spends her weekends.

I love walking down the promenade along the Museum of Natural History at night, looking at the blue lights of the planetarium. There’s this wonderful restaurant nearby,TLV, that I call my outdoor kitchen. I love their stuffed mushrooms and schnitzel, and it has a great owner, Noam [Langleib]. Actually, I love any place that has an outdoor cafe in the summertime, because I can take my dog, Skye. My husband, Bill Boals, and I got her from a kill shelter right before 9/11 and she’s a city girl: She loves meeting dogs on the street. On an ideal Saturday or Sunday, we’d all go down to the Boat Basin Café— our daughter, Maggie, lives nearby — and have a burger and watch the sun set.

My husband’s a classical [musician] so he goes to the opera. I don’t, really, so he and Maggie go. I love just being at Lincoln Center — it’s so New York! Those fountains! It was always the way New York felt when I first got here, and it’s still exciting. There’s a new little theater on top of the Vivian Beaumont [the Claire Tow], and it’s absolutely gorgeous. I’ve seen two plays there. It has a great balcony for looking out at intermission.

I don’t need a social life. This block I’ve lived on since 1978 is the last small town in America. My favorite thing to do is just sit outside on the stoop and talk with all my neighbors. I can go out with curlers in my hair and nobody blinks twice. It’s just sad when people want to take a picture!