Celebrity interviewer Robin Leach recently spoke with Lucy Butler about her double life: television actress and travel expert!


One of the most unexpected and interesting double-life attendees at the Virtuoso travel agent’s convention at Bellagio last weekend was actress Lucy Butler, currently starring onTNT’s THE LAST SHIP. She plays the role of powerful Southern politician Roberta Price, a mix of Hillary Clinton, Carly Fiorina and Ann Richards, former governor of Texas, Lucy explained.

I met with Lucy at the new Montecristo Cigar Bar in Caesars Palace with my friends Ian andLinda Swain from Swain Tours of Australia. Lucy leads a double life acting in such shows as24, LAW & ORDER, CRIMINAL MINDS and THE GILMORE GIRLS and running her own concierge service travel company, Where on Earth. She’s been in business since 1983 serving celebrities and showbiz leaders.

She told me that she specializes in private itineraries across the globe, specifically in London, France and my favorite Italy, so we had a lot to talk about. She travels the world annually to uncover the latest secrets of the countries. We picked each other’s brains and furiously scribbled down each other’s favorite private hotspots.

Lucy’s love of travel goes back to her childhood when her parents became one of the first volunteers for The Peace Corps, and she grew up in Malaysia. Lucy was born in San Francisco and studied in Chicago. “I love all the globetrotting,” she said.

“My acting career doesn’t detract from my travel agency business and vice versa,” she told me. “In fact, they complement each other, and, as you know in the acting profession, you are never working 365 days a year, so there’s always time between shoots to plan exciting travel around the world for people.” My Aussie pals invited her Down Under to share their favorite haunts.