In a world where everyone gets their 15 minutes of fame, we create media strategies for the long haul

We promote individuals

Other agencies talk about celebrities as brands, but we don’t buy it. Maybe that’s because our approach to promotion isn’t about selling personas – it’s about telling stories. Each client is an individual, someone with career ups and downs, short-term and long-term goals, and of course, a story—or a series of stories—to tell. Armed with that knowledge and based on experience, insight and imagination, we map out the media route that best gets the story told in a way that engages an audience and serves our client.

We capture people’s attention

A film festival, a nonprofit gala, a theater opening—any production can easily get lost in our instant access, multi-platform world of entertainment. At AEFPR we orchestrate media events that cut through the clutter and deliver results.

We engage consumers

Whether it’s launching a new product, defining or redefining a brand or implementing long-term promotional campaigns, our corporate clients rely on us to make them stand out in a crowded media landscape. With equal parts imagination, insight and experience, our results-oriented team does just that.